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Personalised content to get you noticed

Struggling to write consistent posts on LinkedIn that resonate with your audience?

Not getting the engagement you want?

Feeling the time you’re investing in LinkedIn is wasted?  

Well, if you're spending hours every day on there and not generating leads, opportunities, and revenue, it pretty much is wasted time.

There’s no quick win, but LinkedIn has huge organic potential if you’re able to harness it. And that’s where I can help you!

Let me do the research and develop a content strategy to get you noticed, so you can focus on building those important relationships, instead of agonising over what to post each day.

LinkedIn is a social platform, so great content needs to…

- Jump out of the newsfeed

- Inspire conversations

- Showcase your personality and expertise

- And softly sell your brand every day, so when the time is right, you come to mind first!

We all prefer to do business with people we like, and we also tend to remember those we interact with regularly, so start being sociable and network, whilst I keep your content flowing and your brand prominent in your network’s newsfeed!


All personalised to get you noticed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn personal account management – monthly from £1000

  • Content strategy to showcase the overall brand and personality

  • Topic research and content creation to 'softly' sell with consistency

  • Scheduling of 5 posts a week that optimise exposure

  • Basic engagement throughout the day (30-minutes split)

  • Daily outreach on an agreed Sales Navigator lead list

LinkedIn content creation – monthly from £500

  • Content strategy to showcase the overall brand and personality

  • Topic research and content creation to 'softly' sell with consistency

  • Scheduling of 5 posts a week that optimise exposure

  • Either for a personal profile or a company page

Adhoc content/ copy support – from £60 per hour

  • For those little bits of writing that you just don't have time for

  • Newsletters, case studies or web copy

LinkedIn profile review – from £300

  • Either your personal LinkedIn profile or your LinkedIn company page

  • Advice on impactful imagery; banner design and profile picture

  • Redrafting of 'Headline' and 'About' section to grab attention, illustrate value and drive a call to action

  • Guidance on optimising the 'Featured' banner and 'Recommendations'

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Get in touch...

Ready to up your content game?

Want a strategy to get you noticed?

Send me a message >>>

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Gemma has been so helpful in improving my marketing with some simple effective changes that not only will help me to add value to my audience but also reduce my workload too.

I would highly recommend Gemma not only because of this but because she is a lovely person too.

Thanks for everything Gemma!

Mike Howarth

Gemma has been supporting my business and activity on LinkedIn for a couple of years and the quality of her work has been outstanding.

She has quickly understood the nature of my business, the service that I provide, the benefits it brings and how to communicate this to my target market.

If you are looking to improve your content and your activity on LinkedIn I would highly recommend that you make contact with Gemma.

Neil James Grime

I have been working with Gemma for around six months.

During that time I have been consistently impressed with her professional attitude, approach and knowledge as well as with the support she has given me during the work we have undertaken together.

Her positive attitude is inspirational as is the smile and the humour with which she approaches everything she does.

I have been inspired by her amazing work with video posts which have definitely helped me attempt things that have taken me way beyond my comfort zone.

I would heartily recommend Gemma to anyone and everyone interested in improving their social media skills.

Rob Lambert

I have been following Gemma’s content for months, since I started posting on LinkedIn.

She has taught me so much, how to engage properly, how to try and increase visibility.

She is a really positive and inspiring person too, I highly recommend following her and her content.

Shakira Flint

Gemma has spent the last three months coaching me on how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

Her guidance has been invaluable. She has shown me the best way to build my network and establish worthwhile relationships, how to manage and monitor my own performance, and ultimately how to derive the most value from it as a marketing tool.

I recommend her very highly to anyone wanting to use LinkedIn to promote both themselves and their business.

Philip Morris

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